Today is a working day! Don and Anne's lectures were done at the Chofu Green Hall on the 7th. This is a sign at the entrance of the building. Sooja made it.

The sign reads...
Support for siblings of children with disabilities or chronic illnesses.
- Unusual concerns and support for siblings -

Lecturer: Donald Meyer, Director, the Sibling Support Project in the U.S.
Unusual Concerns and Unusual Opportunities
Getting Started

Lecturer: Anne Guthrie, research assistant with The Sibling Project, the University
of Kansas Medical Center School of Nursing The "Discovery" of Siblings: A history of research and support for siblings of persons with developmental disabilities in the United States

We are now in the waiting room at the hall.
Left: Don and Yasuko
Right: Hisako (an interpreter) and Anne

Hisako is Yasuko's friend and she is a professional interpreter and translator.
She has been helping us as a volunteer.

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