Sibling Support Group in Tokyo, Japan

The Sibling Support Group is a self-help group to support siblings of children and adults with disabilities and established in March of 1998.

We focus our activity on having regular meetings for adult siblings - express feelings that they haven't told anyone --- not only positive things such as patience, insight, appreciation, and advocacy, but also negative things such as guilt, isolation, resentment, and concerns about the future and share various experiences as siblings.

So, our main activity is to have regular meetings - basically 10 times per year.

As for social activities, we held two-day training of the Sibling Support Project in 2001 and 2005.

This site is basically for Japanese-speaking siblings. So, we have very few English pages.
But, please enjoy these pages.

Don and Anne's Training in 2001, Lectures

Don and Anne's Training in 2001, Demonstration Sibshop